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Building Surveyors


Welcome to our residential page, where we will briefly explain some of the professional building surveying services we are able to offer the general public.

If you require some professional surveying advice, well JAC LTD are only too willing to oblige with your requirements.

JAC LTD are currently offering a free, no obligation, initial consultation on all 'residential' services at your property to fully discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

Whilst we try our best to avoid "surveyors speak" and fully detail all our reports and surveys in plain English, sometimes technical terms simply cannot be avoided, so please refer to the Glossary for clarification of any unfamiliar terminology.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes occur every day in one guise or another. Whether it is cutting down hedges, planting trees, moving or repairing garden fences, all these things may lead to a dispute. Neighbours on each side of the boundary do not always agree where the boundary lies, or who has responsibility to maintain it. One or more of the parties may turn to his title documents for the answer but will most likely be dismayed to find that the answer is not so easy to find.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary common law provides for certain legal presumptions to apply with regard to property boundaries. Evidence to the contrary is usually contained in the documents registered at HM Land Registry, i.e. the Title Register, Title Plan and pre- and post-registration Deeds.

Common boundary disputes usually come under the following headings;

  • Hedges and Ditches
  • Fences
  • Walls
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Flats
  • Roadways
  • Rivers and Streams

General Building Works

JAC LTD have a wealth of over 30 years experience and local knowledge of quality builders and are able to provide a comprehensive range of professional residential services including;

  • Receiving client instructions
  • Visiting the site
  • Preparing a design brief
  • Preparing a budget cost
  • Preparing a programme of works
  • Carrying out a measured survey of the site
  • Producing full survey AutoCAD drawings
  • Planning building control approvals
  • Project management
  • Final account settlement

We are fully conversant with your local authority planning and building control departments requirements and policies. All our projects are designed using the latest AutoCAD drawing software, which we can display to you in the comfort of your own home using the latest tablet screen technology or simple paper format.

3D Render "Walk Through Design" Service

In addition, JAC LTD also offer a 3D render walk through design service, where designs simply "come to life" on the screen in front of your eyes for the following type of home improvements; 

  • Annexe
  • Barn conversions
  • Cinema rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Garage conversions
  • Home offices
  • House extensions
  • Interior design
  • Landscaping works
  • Loft conversions
  • Summer houses
  • Swimming pools
  • Tennis courts

Property Assessment

Buying a flat or house is an exciting event and when you find just what you have been searching for, it can be such a heady moment that it becomes all too easy to get carried away without checking the essential requirements. First impressions can be totally misleading so that shortcomings only emerge after moving in. Remember no single property is ever absolutely ideal, but forward planning will provide you with the means to make the best of what any property has to offer.

Before you make up your mind to purchase a property, a professional surveyor should survey it, to make sure it is both structurally and cosmetically sound, however, there are some elementary checks you can carry out first before spending money on any type of survey.

Vendors Checklist

  1. Look for cracks in walls, internally & externally. Cracked plaster may be just shrinkage, but if the crack is visible externally it may indicate structural defects.
  2. Inspect the chimney stack/s (with binoculars), a loose stack could cause considerable damage if it were to collapse. What about the roof, a few missing roof tiles or slates can be repaired, however, defective timbers/slates/tiles could mean a new roof.
  3. Ask if the property has been inspected/treated for rot or infestation and is there a valid transferable guarantee.
  4. Look for signs of dampness, stained wallpapers or poor pointing of brickwork should make you suspicious.
  5. Is the property situated in a flood risk area that will increase your insurance premiums?
  6. Are all the doors and windows secured with good quality locks. Remember that a burglar alarm is only a deterrent if it is correctly installed!
  7. If buying a flat check there is adequate means of escape in the event of a fire.
  8. How old are the electrics? Old switches and fabric covered flex need replacing and new switches do not necessarily mean that the property has been re-wired!
  9. When were the central heating and plumbing systems last serviced, do they need to be replaced and is the water tank asbestos?
  10. Have any improvements, decorations or alterations enhanced or devalued the property, can they be easily rectified for minimum cost, if not carefully reconsider your offer.

Home Improvements

We all like to watch the never ending scheduling of property programmes on the television, remember that actually embarking on a substantial scheme of home improvement/s in the real world can be both an enjoyable and rewarding experience or a complete nightmare, if not carefully thought through or managed correctly.

Much depends on getting off on the right foot. If you plan each step in advance you

are more likely to spend your money on real improvements which will benefit you and your family, while adding to the value of your property.

On the other hand, if you buy a property, which proves to be unsuitable for your present or future needs, or launch into an ambitious project without thinking through the consequences and carefully setting a realistic budget, you could be disillusioned and waste both a lot of time and money.

JAC LTD offers a complete professional residential service incorporating;

  • Feasibility surveys with budget costings
  • Bespoke specialist property surveys
  • Architectural design/alterations
  • 3D walk through renders
  • Planning and building control approvals
  • Colour councilling
  • Interior design
  • Appointment of specialist contractors
  • Project management
  • Final account settlement

Property Surveys

With only '1 in every 5 purchasers in the UK' currently commissioning an independent survey of their intended property purchase. JAC LTD strongly recommend that all prospective purchasers make it a priority, to instruct a professional surveyor to carry out a detailed survey, so that the most expensive purchase you are likely to ever make, does not incur you further additional avoidable costs, that could be identified at the outset.

Verbal Property Survey

A verbal survey with the purchaser present or on the telephone that concentrates on visible structural or other defects and any likely repair costs.

"The cost effective first step, ideal for a second opinion, landlords or developers".

Price (from) £199.00+VAT.

Property Survey

As above but with a bound written report.

"Our most popular survey".

Price (from) £499.00+VAT.

Full Building (Structural) Survey

A full survey detailing out the condition of the structure, fabric, state of fixtures, fittings and decorations. This bespoke report comes with detailed recommendations, photos and an accurate market valuation of the property.

"The five star survey for complete peace of mind".

Price (from) £599.00+VAT.

Schedules of Condition/Dilapidation

Detailed schedule/s before and after lettings for both Landlords & Tenants.

"Prevents bond money disputes and the first step for both parties in the event of a legal dispute".

Price (from) £499.00+VAT.

Party Wall Surveys

A full range of schedules, notices & awards are available covering The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

"To protect owners rights in the event of a dispute".

Price (from) £499.00+VAT.

Important Note

Please note that the above surveys are in addition to any required lenders surveys for mortgage purposes, which are carried out first and foremost for the benefit of the lender, to protect their investment in the event of a default!