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Building Surveyors


All properties require maintenance on a regular basis or they eventually become dilapidated and day to day or planned/cyclical maintenance is the only way to keep your property or portfolio in a fit state of health.

Before you make up your mind to purchase a property, it should be surveyed by a professional surveyor, to make sure it is both structurally & cosmetically sound, however, there are some very basic checks that you can carry out first before spending money on any type of survey.

"A pair of binoculars, a good eye and some common sense will be all that is initially required".

Maintenance as a topic can be extremely extensive, however, partly due to the amount of questions we receive daily on dampness, this topic seems as good as any to detail further.

We have detailed throughout this guide, the three most common causes of dampness and hope this information will be on some assistance to you.

Rainwater Ingress

1. Poorly capped chimney.

2. Faulty rainwater protection where chimney stack passes through roof.

3. Displaced roof tiles.

4. Faulty coping stone, without damp–proof course (dpc).

5. Defective parapet & valley gutter lining.

6. Lack of cavity tray over window head.

7. Defective rainwater pipe & hopper.

8. Cracked felt on flat roof & incorrect fall to same.

9. Missing lead soaker adjacent to flat roof.

10. Rain splashback over dpc.

11. Defective render.

12. Mortar droppings on tiles between two leaves of a cavity wall, transmitting penetrating rain to inner wall.

13. Defective window cill admits water.

14. Poorly painted window frame.

15. No threshold to prevent driving rain.

Rising Damp

16. Earth bridging dpc.

17. Earth retaining wall not tanked.

18. No vertical damp proof membrane (dpm) & no air brick ventilation to cellar.

19. Missing dpc under joists resting on sleeper wall.

20. Missing dpc under floor & door frame.


21. Blocked ventilation gaps to roof.

22. No air brick to gable wall.

23. Interstitial condensation in flat roof, due to no vapour barrier present.

24. No flu vent in blocked up chimney breast.

25. Cold spot condensation on solid concrete lintel.

26. Condensation behind pictures & in cupboards, due to lack of ventilation.

27. Condensation at the bottom of an external wall.

28. Soil heap bridging damp-proof course (dpc).

Technical Reports and Schedules

JAC LTD also specialise in the preparation of;

Protimeter Surveymaster 2 Moisture Meter

Assorted condition reports

Maintenance budget cost reports (BCR)

Schedules of maintenance (PPM)

Specifications of works

On site contract administration

Section/s 11, 17 & 20 Notices EWR & Disrepair Surveyor

Protimeter Surveymaster 2 moisture

meter diagnosis reports

FLIR thermal image camera (TIC) energy loss & flat roof hot spot/s combustible safety reports 

FLIR E6 Thermal Imaging Camera

FLIR thermal imaging cameras (TIC), essential infrared image recording for the following;;

Day to day maintenance

Dampness diagnosis

Energy loss

Fire damage reinstatement works

Hot works safety on site

Insurance assessments & claims

Planned & cyclical maintenance

Schedules of dilapidation

Section 11 Landlord & Tenant Act (LTA) 1985 Expert Witness Reports