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Building Surveyors

Fire Risk Assessment

The reason you are probably looking at this page is no doubt connected with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into effect in 2006 for England, Scotland and Wales (and 2008 for Northern Ireland).

The Order says that the 'responsible person' has to undertake a fire risk assessment, and if your organisation employs five or more people, you have to record the findings of your assessment.

A 'responsible person' is defined by the legislation as nearly always being the employer, where there is one, though it can include other individuals too. If you share a building with other organisations, the responsibility may be shared among several people. If you have responsibility for the other people in your organisation, it is safe to assume you will be the 'responsible person', even if others are too.

If you have not complied with the regulations, you may not be insured in case of fire!

Fire Risk Assessment

One of our 'in-house' fire safety advisers will attend your premises, which will be classified under one of the following categories;

  1. Offices and shops
  2. Factories and warehouses
  3. Sleeping accommodation
  4. Residential care premises
  5. Education premises
  6. Small and medium places of assembly
  7. Large places of assembly
  8. Theatres and cinemas
  9. n/a.
  10. Healthcare (HTM 05)
  11. Transport
  12. Means of escape for disabled people (PEEPS)

The fire safety adviser will then make an initial inspection and provide a detailed comprehensive report. The report will itemise any fire safety hazards including;

Identify people at risk

  • People in and around the premises
  • People especially at risk identify fire hazards
  • Sources of Ignition
  • Sources of fuel
  • Sources of oxygen

Evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk

  • Evaluate the risk of a fire occurring
  • Evaluate the risk to people from fire
  • Remove or reduce fire hazards
  • Remove or reduce the risks to people
  • Detection and warning
  • Fire-fighting
  • Escape routes
  • Lighting
  • Signs and notices
  • Maintenance

Record, plan, inform, instruct and train

  • Record significant finding and action taken
  • Prepare an emergency plan
  • Inform and instruct relevant people, co-operate and co-ordinate with others
  • Provide training


  • Keep assessment under review
  • Revise where necessary

Remember to keep your fire assessment under review!