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Building Surveyors

Construction, Design & Maintenance (CDM)

The construction, design and maintenance regulations 2015 (CDM) require that health and safety is taken into account and managed throughout the five stages of a project;

  • Concept and feasibility
  • Design and planning
  • Tender and selection stage
  • Construction phase
  • Commissioning and handover

along with subsequent maintenance and repair of the structure.

CDM Regulations 2007

CDM effects everyone who takes part in the construction process the moment the project is thought about, especially the client, the designers and the contractors.

CDM requires that everyone who can contribute to improving site health and safety plays their part. What each duty holder can be expected to do will vary and is very much dependent on the size and complexity of the project works.

The CDM regulations apply to almost all non domestic common building, civil engineering and engineering construction work that is notifiable, however, there are some exceptions. Where the CDM regulations do apply the client should always;

  • Appoint a CDM co-ordinator (CDMC) and principle contractor for each project
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure competence of the designer, CDMC and principle contractor
  • Ensure that construction works do not start until a health and safety plan has been prepared
  • Ensure that a comprehensive health and safety file is passed to the client upon completion of the works

CDM co-ordinator (CDMC)

The CDM co-ordinator is appointed by the client and general responsibilities include;

  • Co-ordinating health and safety during the design phase of the project
  • Ensuring that the pre-construction information plan (previously the 'pre tender phase health and safety plan') for the project is produced in time for it to be presented at selection process
  • General health and safety advice
  • HSE notification
  • Compilation of the health and safety file

The CDM regulations now require the (CDMC) to visit site and assess the principle contractors performance during construction.

HSE Notification

Construction work is notifiable to the HSE (form F10) if it is expected to last longer than 30 days or will involve more than 500 person days of work.

In addition, some works will need to comply with CDM but notification to the HSE will not be required.

The Pre-Construction information Plan

The pre-construction information plan has two phases. The first 'pre-tender' deals with the design and planning of the project before any tenderer or contractor selection and the second 'construction' which is developed by the principle contractor and addresses any health and safety issues prior to any construction works commencing on site.

The Health and Safety File

The health and safety file is the 'project service history' of information for the client or end user.

The CDMC ensures that it is reproduced at the end of the project and passed to the client. It should detail health and safety risks that will have to be managed during any future maintenance, repair, renovation or demolition. Contractors should forward all information on these issues that become available during the construction phase to the CDMC for inclusion into the health and safety file.

The client should also arrange to make the health and safety file available to those who will work on any future design, construction, maintenance or demolition of the structure.