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Building Surveyors

Building Works

Preliminary Services

JAC LTD will discuss the client's aims and requirements before offering general advice, outlining possible courses of action including the scope of service(s) and client project brief to be provided including;

  • Taking a detailed brief from the client
  • Visiting the site/property
  • Carry out an inspection
  • Presenting an initial appraisal to the client
  • Advice on the need for further consultants
  • An approximation of costs
  • Outline timetable for completion of the works
  • Suggested contract procedures to be adopted
  • The extent of statutory approvals required
  • Carrying out a measured survey of the site
  • Producing full survey AutoCAD drawings

Pre Contract Services

Presenting outline sketch proposals and indication of costs to the client, after liaising with other consultants including;

  • Receiving amended instructions
  • Preparing and presenting a scheme design
  • Sketch drawings
  • Budget costings
  • Timetable to completion
  • Schedule of finishes
  • List of firms for inclusion on tender lists
  • Preparing full working AutoCAD drawings
  • Submitting necessary applications for planning/building regulation approvals
  • Statutory consents
  • Preparation of specifications and bills of quantities
  • Inviting tenders for the contract works
  • Preparing tender analysis for the client
  • Arranging pre-contract meetings
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Arranging for signature by both parties

Post Contract Services

Supplying necessary information to the contractor, arranging commencement of works and checking the contractor's programme of works including;

  • Monitoring progress and quality of work
  • Preparing monthly reports to the client
  • Administering the terms of the contract
  • Measuring works
  • Agreeing the final account
  • Obtaining record drawings showing services
  • Supplying the initial maintenance guidance

Additional Services

The following additional services may be offered in connection with building works;

  • Preparing a feasibility study
  • Negotiating licences
  • Loss and expense claims
  • Constructing models and presentations
  • Advising on party structures
  • Preparing maintenance manuals
  • Advising on the appointment of specialists
  • Providing on-site supervision of the construction works

Building and Measured Surveys

Building surveys are undertaken for a variety of clients. The extent of the survey and format of the report vary according tot he particular circumstances. Surveys may be undertaken as a preliminary to providing other services such as;

  • Building Surveys
  • Building Defects and occupancy problems

Measured surveys may be carried out in conjunction with other services currently offered by JAC LTD, under Building Works including;

  • Feasibility studies
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance assessments
  • Legislation

Project Management and Construction Monitoring

JAC LTD will ensure that the scope of service(s) are carefully considered, in relation to the particular requirements of the client and the project. The service to be provided may include all or some of the following;

  • Establishment of project team
  • Development of the programme
  • Establishment of the budget
  • Construction economics
  • Legal services
  • Tendering and contractual arrangements
  • Cash flow
  • Project procedures
  • Control of construction works
  • Monitoring performance and progress
  • Quality control
  • Financial settlement
  • Commission and or handover
  • Post-construction management duties 

Construction Monitoring

  • Site visit and investigation/s
  • Documentation
  • Statutory consents
  • Legal aspects
  • Appointment of further consultants
  • Insurances
  • Pre-contract meetings
  • Contractors programme
  • Monitoring the works
  • Practical completion
  • Defects liability period
  • Maintenance records